Benefits Of Having Hormone Replacement Therapy

From the first day of birth hormones plays an important role in any body whether it is of a male or female. Due to the changes in hormone many serious problems can arise, which can widely affect your body structure. Most probably the hormones start changing at the time when you reach the stage of adolescence. Due to this testosterone related issues rise in males and females which can cause hormonal imbalances. So, if you are suffering from the same problem then you opt for Bio identical replacement therapy. It is the natural hormone replacement treatment which is carried out without any inner surgery.

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For this, different types of pills, creams and gels are available in market that you can have. There are many benefits of having this therapy as it helps in healing problems like menopause, periods, mood swings, fatigue, irritability, low libido, depression and fatty problems. This therapy is done on the customized basis as the dosage that you take in is made with the help of pharmacy compounds and you have the authority to decide the amount of dosage.

Benefits of therapy

  • It helps in improving the sleeping problems because the dosage that you take in acts as a sleeping pill, which helps you in getting a good sleep. According to the doctors, it is must that you should have around 8 hours sleep with this medication.
  • For women, it helps in solving problems like menopause and mood swings and it will also help in solving irritability.
  • It helps in reducing the diseases like cardiovascular, although the relationship between disease and therapy is controversial, but with the help of the timing you can get better results. From the recent reports it has been studied that with the help of therapy around 50% of the heart diseases can be reduced.
  • It also solves the problem like colorectal cancer by reducing its effect. For this, you can have a combination of conjugates estrogens equine and acetate medroxyprogesterone. While on the other hand, you can also have oral HRT to reduce its risk.
  • It is beneficial for women who are more than 60 years in age because with this they can reduce the risk of heart disease and other related problems.
  • It helps in healing body and muscle pain caused by severe injuries and accidents. Along with this it makes your bone strong and reduces the problem of breakage of bone.
  • It helps in lowering the rate of deaths for both men and women if they will take this treatment at the age of 50’s.