Reasons Why HIV Awareness Is Vital In Our Communities

sad-facePeople still get AIDS and the HIV seropositive patients are still excluded from the communities. This is not normal and any HIV awareness activist should teach some aspects to the general public:

  1. People should know the difference between HIV and AIDS

HIV is a virus and it produces AIDS. You can be seropositive and not have AIDS. If the HIV infection is discovered early, the treatment will stop the immune cells destruction and the person cannot develop AIDS. Also, seropositive mothers can give birth to healthy children, but they shouldn’t consume their milk, because it can contain the HIV virus.

  1. You should know how you can catch AIDS

It is very important that people are educated and they understand what HIV is and how you can get contaminated and also, it is very important to inform people that you cannot catch AIDS if you kiss a sick person, hug him or use the same toilet seat. The only method to get HIV from a contaminated person is from his blood and secretions, like sperm and therefore, from unprotected sex.

  1. Learn more about how is it treated

Also, people should be thinking about the treatment. It is important to know that AIDS is untreatable, the medication will improve the life quality and will prolong it, but you cannot get rid of AIDS. However, HIV is treatable and if you detect it early, the medication will kill the virus and the patient won’t develop AIDS.

  1. Don’t ever discriminate people with AIDS

This is a terrible disease and the sick people don’t deserve to be excluded. As long as you don’t touch their blood or secretions, you cannot get the disease and they should be treated like the rest of the population.