Tips To Help You With Your Distraught Relationship!

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Every relationship goes through trying times. There may be some incident or the other which has resulted in putting pressure on a couple’s relationship and therefore the relationship might be at its breaking point. It is always very difficult to accept that your personal relationship is not going that well. Most couples face problems in identifying the issue in the relationship and are sometimes even unwilling to sort it out the right way. In such a situation, the best way out for you is to opt for couples counselling. In this sort of counselling a professional will make you two sit down and listen to your problems. She will try to guide you in recognizing the problems in your marriage and give tips to help out your relationship. She may also set up meetings with you two separately in order to understand each of your perspectives in a better way.

  • Always share- What some couples tend to do after a fight is to stop talking to each other. In order to avoid further arguments, they bite back their words and let the anger fester within themselves. Instead of doing that, a counsellor always suggests to share your feelings with each other.
  • Write it down- Sometimes couples face problems in sharing their feelings verbally. In such a scenario, a counsellor suggests the couple to write down their feeling in the form of a letter. This old-school way has proved quite effective in sorting out a couple’s problems.
  • Touch- Physical touch and intimacy has been proved to be quite effective in sorting out disagreements between couples.